Drama Therapy

Drama Therapy is an experiential and eclectic form

of psychotherapy that utilizes role play, psychodrama,

improvisation, movement, sensory awareness,

mindfulness exercises, and other theater techniques

to facilitate personal growth and change.  It has the

capacity to evoke playfulness as well as insight, and

promotes spontaneity, creativity, empathy, emotional

expression, autonomy, ​and cognitive and behavioral

change.   ​

Drama therapy can be an effective form of treatment

in individual, couples, family, and group therapy.  I

believe its value rests its holistic and integrative approach; it functions on the cognitive, emotional, somatic/body, neurological, relational, and spiritual levels.  It’s particularly helpful for externalizing how we think, feel, and relate to ourselves and others, and how we construct our identity and life story.  When we can separate the different parts of ourselves—or how we think, feel, and respond in different contexts and relationships—we gain not only clarity, but the capacity to choose how we want to respond.  We realize that we are not “stuck” in a certain story or pattern after all, that we can identify what we feel, want, and need, and make life-affirming choices.  Although we can’t control many outside factors, we can choose how we respond, and thus be the authors of our own life story or narrative.

​Drama therapy is best understood in action.  If you would like to experience it, sign-up to attend an introduction to drama therapy workshop.  I host these myself, as does Andriette Pieron, Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (#104152).  They are also periodically hosted by the SoCal Chapter of the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) in Los Angeles.  These workshops are fun, meaningful, and will give you a good taste of the power and efficacy of this work.  

Register for Intro to Drama Therapy Workshop on May 17th:

Facilitated by: Andriëtte Pieron, Registered Associate Marriage & Family Therapist, AMFT (#104152)

Supervised by Jennifer Stuckert-Knapp, RDT/LMFT (#86073)

Thursday, MAY 17, 2018 
6:30 – 9:00 pm
Minerva Mental Health
4448 Ambrose Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90027
FEE: $15
Contact: andriette56@gmail.com; 626-923-9902

​Register Here:

Jennifer Stuckert-Knapp, LMFT, RDT