The types of services I offer:

​I offer brief and long-term individual therapy for adolescents and adults, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, sex therapy, EMDR therapy, drama therapy, and group therapy. 

Some common treatment issues I work with:

- Fear of intimacy
- Managing conflict and differences in intimate relationships
- Sexual shame
- Desire differences in couples
- Low arousal and desire
- Erectile dysfunction
- Difficulty with orgasm
- Sexual pain
- Adult survivors of sexual abuse and assault
- Adult survivors of childhood neglect and verbal and physical abuse 
- Difficult life experiences and trauma experienced in adulthood

- PTSD  
- Poor body-image 
- Depression
- Anxiety 
- Shame and low self-esteem
- Overactive inner-critic/negative self-talk
- Mood swings and emotional dysregulation
- Loss and grief
- Life transitions
- Creative blocks

How I work:

My therapeutic approach is collaborative and eclectic and incorporates the following orientations and treatment modalities: Humanistic Therapy; Psychodynamic Therapy; Drama Therapy; Psychodrama; EMDR Therapy; Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy; Transactional Analysis; and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.   

My rates:

For individual and couples therapy, I charge $175 per session.  Groups are $60 - $85 per session.  I have limited sliding scale slots.

I do not accept insurance, but I'm able to provide clients with a superbill to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement.  Some clients receive partial fees reimbursed to them by their insurance companies.  Please check with your insurance company in advance to find out more information about receiving reimbursement for therapy services provided by an out-of-network therapist.
Make a payment:

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The people I work with:

​I work with teenagers and adults of all ages (anywhere from 12 – 85).  My clients are women and men of various ethnicities and nationalities.  They are heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning.  They are wonderful people.

Jennifer Stuckert-Knapp, LMFT, RDT